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パペットホームズ、大河ドラマなどの好きなテレビ番組やラグビーについて書いています。アフィリエイトはやっていません。/Welcome to my blog. I write about some Japanese TV programmes including NHK puppetry and Taiga Drama, Sherlock Holmes and rugby. I don't do affiliate marketing.
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米津玄師『馬と鹿』/"Uma to Shika" by Genshi Yonetsu


"Uma to Shika" (horse and deer*) by Genshi Yonetsu, a theme song of "No Side Game". The movie produces a unique atmosphere. 

(*) A combination of the Chinese letters that mean "horse" and "deer" means "fool" in Japanese. 


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高気圧ガール/Kōkiatsu Girl


"Kōkiatsu Girl" literally means "High Atmospheric Girl". The song by Tatsurō Yamashita that brings out the atmosphere of summer and was a campaign song of an airline company in 1983.
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霧の摩周湖/Kiri no Mashū-ko (Lake Mashū in the Fog)


"Kiri no Mashū-ko" (Lake Mashū in the fog) sung by Akira Fuse, a Japanese singer who is a former husband of Olivia Hussey. This song was released in 1966 when he was 19 and it describes a lost love. The lake located in the north of Kushiro-hitsugen National Park is famous for its fogs and transparency and produces a mysterious atmosphere.

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星に願いを(ピアノバージョン)/When You Wish Upon a Star (Piano Version)


Today is Tanabata. Many Japanese write their wishes on tanzaku, paper strips and hope they will come true. They also decorate bamboo trees with the tanzaku and the ornaments made of paper.  I uploaded an original two years ago also but this is a piano version. 

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ト調のメヌエット/Beethoven's Minuet in G Major


Beethoven's Minuet in G Major that is mild and gives me peace of mind.
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『アガサ・クリスティ― ミス・マープル』のテーマ/The Theme of "Agatha Christie's Marple"

ITVの『アガサ・クリスティ― ミス・マープル』のテーマが好きなのでアップしておきます。ミス・マープルを演じた2人の女優さん(ジェラルディン・マクイーワン、ジュリア・マッケンジー)の画像も登場です。マクイーワンさんの吹き替えは岸田今日子さん→草笛光子さんでしたが、シーズン4から主演がマッケンジーさんに変わって、ミス・マープルがふくよかになり、吹き替えも藤田弓子さんに変わりましたね。

The theme of "Agatha Christie's Marple" by ITV that is one of my favourite TV series themes. Besides, the play of both Geraldine Mcewan and Julia McKenzie in the series attracts me. 

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刑事コロンボのテーマ/The Theme of "Columbo"


The theme of "Columbo" composed by Henry Mancini. I write about the TV series in some of my recent posts in Japanese. The series was a big hit in Japan also.

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ケ・セラ・セラ/Que Sera, Sera


I upload the movie to mourn the death of an American actress Doris Day.
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帰り道/Kaerimichi (on the way home)


"Kaerimichi" (on the way home), a song by the OAU (former OVERGROUND ACOUSTIC UNDERGROUND) and the opening theme of "Kinō Nani Tabeta?". It’s suggestive of a Celtic folk song and describes a peaceful and ordinary daily life. Also in the TV series, the display image changes at the end of the opening scene and Shirō and Kenji express their gratitude before meals by putting hands together. 

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ラモーのガヴォット/Jean-Philippe Rameau's Gavotte


"Gavotte" by Jean-Philippe Rameau. The tune is played on an oboe and it may make you feel nostalgic. The sound source is a disc that was used in the primary education in Japan.
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実は『いだてん~東京オリムピック噺~』を観なくなったので、再び『西郷どん』復習の投稿をアップしています。関連文献もまた読もうかと考えていますし、BSで再放送中の『葵 徳川三代』の再放送も観ています。そしてパペットホームズの続編ですが、これは是非とも三谷氏にお願いしたいところです。